Sell with us

What we do

Flair and Rewear will act as your agent, selling clothes, shoes and accessories on your behalf for a share of the fee when your item is sold. Service available in store and online. Please contact us to make an appointment as we will not be able to accept your items without one.

We also buy from you but this service is limited to high end, designer and luxury items. If we buy from you, the sale price is final at the outset.

      What we sell

      We sell new, preloved and quality vintage, in store, on our website and across social/online platforms.

      We have strict criteria to ensure that we can sell your items for an optimum price:

      • We only select items that meet the demand of the market or seasons.
      • We reserve the right to refuse any items that we think we are unable to sell or are found to be damaged after accepting them.
      • All items must be received “ready to sell” in a good and clean condition and either freshly laundered or dry cleaned. 
      • Luxury and vintage items will be appraised on a different basis for damage and/or condition.
      • We cannot and do not accept stolen or counterfeit items and you may be asked to provide proof of ownership.

      What happens next and keeping in touch

      • We will put your items up for sale for 8 weeks from the date of receipt. After this period it is your responsibility to collect your items or arrange a return at your own expense. 
      • We have a lot of customers and it is really difficult for us to keep you up to date as to the status/progress of your items. We are unable to send you reminders to collect your returned/unsold items. 
      • You can keep in touch with us by telephone/WhatsApp or email.  

        Fee share arrangements

        We work on a fee share (commission) basis. Please note, if we purchase an item from you this will be subject to a separate agreement.

        • Once your item is sold, you will receive 50% of the final sale price for items under £200.
        • All items achieving a sale price, per item, exceeding £200 you will receive 70% of the final sale price.
        • All items belonging to the same customer sold within the same calendar month achieving a combined sale price in excess of £200 you will receive a 70% fee share on the total amount sold
        • All payments are made by bank transfer in the first week of the month following the sale.